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Dear Friends,

Words cannot begin to express my appreciation for all the support and many acts of generosity you bestowed on me during the campaign for the U.S. Senate. From the beginning, I was honored to be asked to run and then to be selected as a candidate. I realized I was chosen to be the face and voice of the Libertarian Party across Texas and wanted only to serve the party well and, more importantly, do everything I could to awaken the sleeping demand for real Liberty in the heart of every Texan.

We received a total of 184,729 votes, 2.33%. While not nearly the numbers I had hoped for, still the highest vote count and highest percentage ever received by a Libertarian candidate for U.S. Senate in Texas. I say "we" because I am certain it was not me personally, but all of us as a team that accomplished this.

Along the way, there were so many positive moments, I simply lost count — the generous financial donations that paid for signs and campaign materials; the coaching for the debate that helped convey the Libertarian message; the contacts with opinion leaders, groups and the media that gave us a broader audience; distribution of materials; organization of events; and the many emails, phone calls, and "pats on the back" that kept me encouraged. I know my personal weaknesses and you were so kind not to point them out but instead to focus on the positive and reinforce that for me.

I am taking a few days for some rest and relaxation with my very patient and supportive husband. Over the next several weeks, I hope to write down anything I think could be useful to a future candidate; i.e., what I felt were the most successful actions as well as what I wish I had done differently.

We have much work to do. I will continue to be active with the Libertarian Party and groups working to keep our nation free.

Thank you for your help, thank you for being my friend, and thank you for all you do in the fight for Freedom.

Yours for Liberty,

Yvonne Schick

Liberty — because it's right, because it works.

"Last night a Cornyn volunteer called me during the debate asking for a $300 donation. I said I had supported Cornyn in the past because he supported a cogent immigration policy, but that I would not support Cornyn since he voted for the bailout. The volunteer said that Cornyn had voted against the bailout before he voted for it and how about $200? 'Not a chance,' says I. 'I'm done with the two party system. Republicans had 14 years of majority to reform the tax code, fix social security and reduce the size of government., but they betrayed the voters who trusted them to do those things.' 'Well, can you donate $150?,' says the volunteer.

"Wow. They really just don't get it.

"I'd like to ask you to consider voting for Libertarians and anyone who is not the incumbent."
— G. Ashley Lewis, Bastrop, Texas

See Yvonne interview on YouTube.

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"You can count on my vote. And you can thank Bill Clinton for making up my mind; after I saw him stumping for Noriega, no matter how much I want Cornyn to lose over his bailout vote, I just could not stomach voting for Rick." — a concerned voter

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